I Do Miss You!

Today is the first day of class after 2-week break. I do miss my classmates and the lecture’s atmosphere, but I also have one important thing that I miss a lot. Guess what?


It's not about the taste, it's more about the time when I eat it

That’s my favorite food in my institute’s cafetaria. You call it Pretzel in English, Brezel in German, but I used to say it Bretzel cause I like the sound of that “tz” :D

I know, there are many bakeries out there where I can easily get bretzel as often as I want, as much as I can afford, as big as I’m able to swallow, but the one in my institute is the best! It’s not about the taste, it’s more about the time when I eat it. Having it when I have nothing for lunch, or just snacking it in the middle of the class, even run for it when my brain’s already overloaded, this bretzel never fails me! They sell 2 kind of bretzel (@ less than 10/day!!!), original and buttered one. For sure I choose butterbretzel. Sprinkled with salt and filled with butter, oh what can you ask for more?

Howeverrrrrrr…. I have to prolong my craving for the-best-butterbretzel-I’ve-ever-had till next week, the cafeteria will still be closed during this first week :((


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