My Recent Meals

I kind of loss sense of cooking (don’t know either if I had one) lately. Feel like I just want to have something for my body without thinking of how I should make it tasty, healthy, or whatever. I just wanna eat, period. This brings me to one menu I had for more than 3 days a week, twice to three times a day:

Nasi Campur

I call it Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice in English) though I don’t know whether this name already exists for other type of recipe. It’s basically just rice, rice, and rice. I boiled rice and water for about 15 minutes with margarine and put everything inside. The fillings I mean here are really everything I want, or I have in my fridge. One day I put carrot and sausage, other day for broccoli and onions, another day with mushroom and paprika, even I can drag them all together when I feel really hungry, hahaha..

Now, let me finish my dinner! :D


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