Kodak Moment

Found this post in wp homepage. It’s so sad that Kodak is fading away.. I don’t know so much about photography, but I guess my dad did. He loved to take picture and had more than 2 cameras (incl. the waterproof one!). We didn’t have that darkroom in our home. Consequently, he often took me to the places where he can had his film printed. Kodak’s was one of that place. Well, the most popular one is Fujifilm’s, I suppose (at least that’s how I remember). Surely, we went to Kodak’s as well.

I don’t know when was the last time I used camera film and brought it to the place like Kodak’s. It’s been a long time ago… Anyway, I still have that Kodak moment in my files.

edited as a gift for dad's birthday last year

I re-captured the picture and edited in Picasa for my dad’s birthday last year. Yes, this picture was taken 23 years ago, and I bet Kodak was in its glory back then. Thank you Kodak for your contribution in my and dad’s life!


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