366 Project [1/12]

It’s been a month since I started this blog. Yeay!! I had the idea of it because of this. I’m not that creative or anything to make such blogs, but at least I can give a try to post something everyday. What was my intention? Nothing! I just want to keep my self thinking of what should I write, that’s it!

This is not the only blog I have right now. This is the newest one, instead. However, none of my other blogs were planed to be managed everyday. Not to mention, each of them has different purpose. Then I think that I also need to have some kind of “scientific” purpose for this blog as well. Wanna have a look at artikulasi?

So, here I congratulate my self for my own achievement by posting everyday! It’s 31 out of 365, no, 366 right now, hope I can continue for the rest 332 days ;)


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