I fond of any kind of story about twins, simply because I really wanna have a twin brother! Haha, silly, no? But that’s the fact. Imagining another person has almost the same physical appearance with me, wishing that we have mostly the similar things, and for sure having him as the best friend ever to share everything makes me so excited. Not to mention, small things we might had in common that seems like miracles often wandering in my fantasy.

So, when I stumble upon the news about twins, I’m always curious about what kind of miracle they will talk about.  And this article I read gave me another amazing thing about twins. Let me quote its last sentences:

As is often recounted in tales of twins that have been separated, the twins found many coincidences in their lives.

They lived just 40 kilometres apart in the very south of Sweden, they are both teachers, they got married on the same day only one year apart and even danced to the same song at their wedding.

Isn’t that sweet? ^^


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