Idiom: Horse

This week idiom is

beating a dead horse

"if someone is trying to convince people to do or feel something without any hope of succeeding, they're beating a dead horse."

I chose this idiom because of my university project. Weeks ago, our group felt like beating a dead horse by doing this project. No matter how many times we argued, “the outsiders” were never convinced. They made us frustrated. I even felt like we were trapped by the university. “Students, you have no options! do this if you still want to graduate!” popped up in my mind.

Ok, since we are really good students (read: graduate wanna be) we decided to work really hard on this issue. We spent hours in finding strategies to make them listen to us, and trusting us. We’re even on our way to increase their interest in working with us now. Sounds good, eh? Buuuutttt… We still have a lot of things to be done and this might take months *sigh* Well, at least we’re not beating a dead horse anymore!


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