Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

all Indonesian authors' (^.^)/

I’ve to admit that food is in my top list for indulging. But as mention here, indulging doesn’t always mean food. So, this photo tells you what another meaning of indulge to me.

Though I’m not that nerd, and always need a bit longer time to finish a book compare to others, I love books so much! I’ve been exposed by them since I was born. You can find piled of novels, text books, comics,  magazines, newspapers, even don’t-know-what papers in my house. And I’ve been contributing to that since I was a teen.

Starting from high school, I used to buy book at least once a month. Visiting a bookstore was not only a hobby, it was a need for me. However, I decided to ignore this since I move here. I don’t want to fill my luggage with kgs of book when I have to fly back to Indonesia. Well, I still bought some, anyway.

As a result, when I was home during last summer break, I bought those 5 books in a day. I picked them out unconsciously and realized that I have to spent a lot of money for that, right in front of the cashier. I mean, it’s all in one day, and I didn’t have much money left. But I was too happy to regret it!! A week later, I bought 2 other books and again 2 others on the following week. I guess that’s what you call indulge :p

At the end of the day, I read 15 books for around 3 months. Looking back at very limited leisure time I had at that moment plus my reading speed, it’s quite an achievement for me :D

ps: for now, i prioritize buying and reading local authors’ ones. there are lot of very talented authors from indonesia, and i do fall for their writings!


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