Idiom: Square

I’m so happy today! Why? Umm.. let this week’s idiom explains

four-square behind

"if someone stands four-square behind someone, they give that person their full support"

This is all about my thesis, actually. This afternoon, I met my supervisor to discuss about possible topic I can write about. I had one in mind, but I surely must do a “small research” before I can take it . So, today’s meeting was done to discuss results I found from it. Frankly speaking, my supervisor was pleased with my idea and he said that I absolutely can write thesis out of that. He even said that this topic is an interesting one, not only for both of us, but also for the research area. Oh, and he said it with a big smile and starry eyes in his face!  Seems like I’m having him standing four-square behind me, right? ;)


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