Hay Fever

This is my second year living in four-season country. I used to have only two season each year, even there is only one season exists in my hometown: rainy one! So, there are plenty of new things that I haven’t experienced before. One of those is flu.

When I was back home, I often had it at least twice a year, depends on my immune system. But it’s obvious: whenever I had too many ice cream or cold drink in a week, or when I didn’t sleep for more than 2 days in a row, or when one of my family had it, I would have runny nose instantly.

Strangely, it didn’t happen when I am here. Last year, I only suffered once from flu! It’s around February or March, I guess. Surprisingly, same thing happens this year. I’m having runny nose right now (and it sucks, agree?). Then I started to think that my cold here is not the same as the one I used to have in my home country. I think it’s not even a flu, Wikipedia called it Hay Fever. It’s a condition where you have more or less the same symptoms like flu, but it’s caused by pollen. Yes, it’s the beginning of spring here! And spring is one of seasons that never happen in tropical country like Indonesia (we don’t have winter, so why do we need spring? :p). Though this “sickness” is annoying, I still want to thank this four-season country for giving me chance to know my self better that I am allergic to pollen.

Have a great spring time, everyone! *sneezing*


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