366 Project [3/12]

It’s April already! Means that this blog has been “accompanying” me for three months. Let’s have a look on what I did in March:

  • Started posting audio music from soundcloud
  • Never missed the two weekly challenges
  • Still talked about my university life (well, it’s going to continue until I graduate :p)
  • Posted mostly about weather-related things since spring was around the corner
  • Embedded videos more often than before
  • Missed two posts in 17th and 30th due to unexpected things

Seems like I made a progress and regress compared to February. The last point shows that I failed in this 366 project, actually.  However, I still want to call it that way ’cause I’m still trying to post everyday whenever it’s possible. Hope I won’t be demotivated day by day ;)


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