I know, I’m too late to talk about it since the “fever” has already gone, but let me spit it out a bit here. In my last post I said that I’m fed up with teary Kdramas and in need of musical drama. So I was looking for that, which obviously not a Korean one again. I used to watch Jdramas, but I couldn’t find something I really want now. There’s Nodame Contabille in which music played a big role, but I already watched it twice. I need something new!

Then I remember that last year some of my friends were crazy about Glee. I didn’t have any intention to watch it, back then.  I’m not interested to the things due to other people. You know, sometimes you do something because most of the people do it and not because you really want to.

However, when I watched first episode of What’s Up I started to understand why people like Glee so much. They both are musical drama! Good music often score, right? So, I just started to watch this serial now. Still in season 1 for sure (and I don’t think I’ll go on with the other seasons). I didn’t put so much expectation in Glee, but I hope I can find what I’m looking for.


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