Idiom: Forest

Here is this week’s idiom:

forest for the trees

"if someone can't see the forest for the trees, they get so caught up in a small details that they fail to understand the bigger picture"

Ever felt that way? I did. When I’m so excited about a thing, I start to look on every single thing on it and play around with them. I will spent a lot of time to reconstruct the details in order to make it look perfectly perfect. Sounds good, huh? It does! If the time you spent is worth it, but what usually happen is that I have to change the bigger picture since all the details are not fit anymore which means I need some more time again. In the end, I waste my time to get something which is different with the one I found at the first place (-__-). Thank God, I often can’t see the forest for trees only with regards to non-academic thing or things-that-actually-not-important-in-your-life.


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