Cluster Analysis

There’s always a fun side of scientists that make them human-like creatures. This is one example I found during my almost-sick-of-but-still-confuse-about phase of cluster analysis:

.. the methods all have the names of women that are derived from the names of the methods themselves. Of the partitioning methods, pam is based on partitioning around mediods, clara is for clustering large applications, and fanny uses fuzzy analysis clustering. Of the hierarchical methods, agnes uses agglomerative nesting, diana is based on divisive analysis, and mona is based on monothetic analysis of binary variables. Other functions include daisy, which calculates dissimilarity matrices, but is limited to euclidean and manhattan distance measures.

-Kaufman and Rousseeuw (1990)

Hi pam, clara, fanny, diana, mona, daisy, and for sure AGNES, nice to know you all!

Let me introduce my thesis (ummm… shall I call her THESA?) and please, please, please be her best friends, ok?


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