Idiom: Ball

I had thesis seminar today. It’s about hearing and reporting on where we stand for our thesis. Actually, we are in the same phase right now, still facing many problems with literature and making a small progress each month. I was a bit happy that I’m not the only one who kind of laid back in writing this final stuff until my lecturer give one sentence that made me want to shout out this idiom:

get the ball rolling

"if you get the ball rolling, you start something so that it can start making progress"

So what actually he said was that he already received a complete draft from one of our mates. Seriously??? It’s still April and one of my friend was done with her thesis? Gosh, all of us are still struggling here! However, this is really a good point for us. At least I feel so motivated to finish my thesis as soon as possible. I’ll work in the library start from tomorrow. Focus, focus, focus and let’s get the ball rolling!!


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