It’s been weeks since my last post about my university project. So, we had an intense meeting this morning. At first, we are all happy ’cause we almost come to an end of this 2 semesters project. We already talk about how we have to finish everything perfectly. But when our supervisors come, the atmosphere was totally changed. In their perception, we still have to prepare one more intervention for next month, which means we haven’t finished yet! It was a shock, since we already confirmed that we reached our goals, and we don’t see the urgency to do one more intervention. Plus, we scheduled this project will end on May. By doing what our supervisors want, we have at least prolong it for another month. Bad news.

So, we argued and defensed ourselves against them. For about 2 hours in this intense meeting, I found that our supervisors somewhat not professional. I won’t tell more in details here. What important for me is that when you can’t control your emotion, you can’t use your logic anymore, even if you already experienced this several times before.

This meeting will continue next week ’cause we didn’t come to a conclusion today. They asked us to find options for a compromise, options that will satisfied both parties, though I think they will never be satisfied unless we do what they want us to do. Tsk.


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